PS Bound

And I’m off to my first of THREE weddings out in Palm Springs this year. I must say, I’m really starting to love the fun California vibe out there.


A big congrats to Aileen & Kevin! Can’t wait to coordinate what will surely be an amazing wedding at the stunning Viceroy. And of course, a thank you goes out to Ana Marie for agreeing to be my assistant on this adventure.




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6 thoughts on “PS Bound

  1. tracy and ana marie, thank you two SO much for everything!!! you guys made everything run so seamlessly – it was the wedding of our dreams and we couldn’t have asked for anything more! so many of the guests approached us about how awesome you two were! kevin and i had such a awesome time. thank you guys so much!! :)

    • Thank you Aileen, you are so kind! I’m glad that we could be there witness such a special day for you two!!!!! <3

    • Aileen-I absolutely loved helping out at your wedding. You and Kevin (and everyone else) were so charming and so much fun to be around.

      P.S. random people came around during the set-up and had so many great things to say about your decor and all your personal touches.

  2. Tracy and Ana Marie-super super thank you to you both for making the wedding of our dreams come true!!! We had an awesome time and like Aileen said, a lot of the guests were telling us how awesome you girls were. To anyone who needs a wedding coordinator/super-human team (and every wedding should have one), the Bride Concierge is it!

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