Happy Anniversary!

No folks, it’s not our wedding anniversary yet, but today is an important day. One year ago, we walked into the Pasadena Humane Society just to “browse” the dogs. An hour later, we wound up on the sidewalk trying to convince an uncooperative Oliver (aka Ollie) that getting into our car would be a good idea. He clung onto the cement like his life depended on it! The poor little guy was found living on the streets before getting taken to the shelter.


Here we are a year later, just one big happy family. The celebration includes a hike with Ollie’s human-parents and grandparents, lots of meat courtesy of grandma, his bordatella and rabies shots (sorry, kiddo, but it’s for your own good), a donation to Pas Humane Society to help his fellow dog friends find a home, a doggie cookie and snuggle time. Aren’t you one lucky doggy?


And I leave you with a shot from our wedding with Mr. Oliver himself. If you’re considering including your pet on the big day, do it!!





Image 1


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