Rachelle + LB: Video Highlights

I’ve got a special treat for ya’ll! Rachelle and LB’s beautiful highlight reel makes me tear up every time I watch it. Being a part of their big day was magical, and watching the unity of these two souls was the best reminder of why I love my job. Ning Wong Photography is the team behind this ridiculously awesome video.


Rachelle + LB = Married | Wedding Highlights from Ning Wong on Vimeo.


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2 thoughts on “Rachelle + LB: Video Highlights

  1. I had the pleasure of catering this wedding, and what an amazing team to work with. Tracy Choy was sheer perfection when if came to design and coordination. Ning Wong Photography captured every perfect moment, and it shows how his work is flawless.

    I am so glad I got to be part of this wedding and work with such professionals. LB & Rachelle are the most beauftul couple, I could not be happier for them!

    • Tracy was the best wedding coordinator we could ask for. I am so happy we had the pleasure of having her keep us on track as well as becoming our friend, she is a great person, talented and a great organizer. Thank you Tracy for helping to make our day so very special. We are so happy we can call you a friend as well. x

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